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Sunday, 4 December 2011

All That Glitters......Is Fab!!!

I love, love, love glitter. It can glam up anything especially make-up as long as it's done in a classy way and doesn't leave you looking like a 5 year old who's poured a pot of glitter all over their face.

It can almost be described as fantasy make-up and is also very festive around this time of year.

As you probably know I have a set of bio sculpture nails done every 2 weeks. They last 4-6 weeks but I like to keep my nails fresh and like a variety of colours. As I am going to go for more of a festive colour for Christmas. I decided to go bright coral, also known as 'Tutti-Frutti'. I love this colour and get so many compliments on it. I also added a little extra glam touch by putting on a gradiant effect with gold glitter. I love it. I saw it once in a magazine and had to try it.

With flash on:

Without flash:

As you can see it looks different with the flash on. I would say it's a mixture of the two colours.

I don't normally talk about fashion, I leave that to my sister but I absolutely love these shoe boots. I was so tempted to buy them but I can see myself falling over. I love anything bling and these screamed my name. Maybe someone will treat me for Christmas...

I recently worked with Gemma from The Only Way Is Essex for the Christmas special and had an absolutely fab time. I will do a separate blog for that but I did ask her what she wanted her make-up to look like.She said Essex Glam and Glitter. Who am I argue, I love glam and glitter. As it was for the Christmas special we went as mad as possible and she looked amazing. She can pull off any look and glitter is definitely one of them. Don't worry I will post the pictures when the episode is aired.

Now listen carefully....glitter is something that can go terribly wrong. It can get messy and go everywhere. Be careful when applying and if you find it tricky, try cream or gel glitter until you feel comfortable to be more adventurous.

I know these images are over the top and can't be worn for a special occasion no matter everyday but I think that they are very fairy inspired and would work great on catwalk or editorial. I did something similar but with swarovski crystal. Like I said I love bling.

Whatever you do, don't go glitter crazy. Pick a feature and emphasise it. Whether it be eyeliner, lips or nails, have fun with it.

This is a good way of adding glitter glam to a smokey eye...

Very vintage 60's chic glam...

Burgundy Bronze...lush

Golden goddess...

Purple haze...

A flick of gold...

or a touch of sparkle...

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Modern Glam - Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has not only hit the big time in Hollywood with her talent and acting skills. She has also graced our glossy magazines with her style, glamourous looks and flawless beauty.
I have done a lot of googling on Olivia and every image I see is more captivating than the other.

She is what I call a blank canvas/natural beauty. No matter what the overall concept of a shoot is she embraces it and pulls it off.

Vintage Glam

The Wilde Side of Olivia!

60's Chic!

Rocky Edge!

Sultry Glam Couture!

As you can see from these images Olivia is not afraid to try something new and is confident with her beauty to show the world that there is more to her than just good acting skills.

Olivia caught my attention a while back on the red carpet when she wore a beautiful bling Marchesa dress to the Golden Globes. Not only was the dress amazing but her makeup was flawless and neutral. Her hair was free-flowing with a bold fringe. A perfect combination. Allowing the gorgeous dress to do the talking.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE glamour....... especially Hollywood Glamour. I have done many red carpet events and have never been asked to do the 'almost no make-up look'. Make-up is a comfort blanket on the red carpet.... so I salute Olivia to put her natural Wilde beauty on show!!

Olivia's stunning eye colour, pouty lips and great cheekbones means she can achieve some amazing looks.

A perfect look to compliment these bold features is a smokey eye look. Doesn't matter if it's a bold smokey look with black eyeshadow and dewy skin. Or delicate strokes of  kohl or liquid liner to just softly line her eyes. Olivia know what works best.

I can guarantee one thing..... I bet a lot of women out there wished they were as talented and stunning as this starlet.
Who said you need lots of make-up and grooming to be a success in Hollywood or an icon to people worldwide.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Be Bold and Bring Back the Bun!

The ballerina has always been well known for her pointy toes, her elegant poise, her captivating dancing and the bun.

The bun has changed so much over the years that it is very hard to categorize it in any way. It can alternate from small and sleek to huge and messy. With little added extras from curls, twists, plaits and not forgetting positioning on the head.

For many years now the bun has been worn by the dainty flower girls to the rock chicks with added edge.

Don't worry if you think you don't have enough hair for a particular look. There is always the aid of hairpieces, clip on buns and hair rings which all help in creating or adding depth and size to a bun.

A bun is also good for changing your body shape, odd you might think but it's true. If you are petite and want a bit of extra height a high bun on top of the head adds inches. Also if you have a round face and want to make it look slightly slimmer a hair-do with height elongates the face.  If you have a slender face a side bun will add width balancing out your proportions.

A bun is very easy to achieve and is good for every occasion. It's a fab style to wear during the day to get your hair out of your face, a good alternate to a ponytail or plait. And can be made extra special for the evening. Make it as big as you like, add accessories and have fun achieving a red carpet show stopper.

From the low...

To the mid...

To the high...

To the side...

Not forgetting the brides...

Add your own style with curls, plaits or twists...

As you can see from these pictures. The celebs love a bun. It's so elegant and timeless. Once you have started to love a bun, mix it up! Try them high and low add curls and plaits. It will stop you style from being boring and give you the edge over others.

All you need to achieve some of these fab styles is some rubber bands, a back combing brush/comb, hair pins, hairspray and if needed a bun ring.

Have fun ladies and don't forget..........Be Bold, Be Brave and Bring Back the Bun!