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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Va va Voom Lashes...

 I have noticed recently how much of a big trend fake eyelashes have become, and looking at magazines recently the bigger the better. Don't get me wrong I love anything that has va va voom involved but when it comes to fake lashes it completely depends on the occasion.

If you lucky enough to have long eyelashes, mascara will do the fab job of thickening them up. A gentle eyelash curl (and I mean gentle) will give you enough of a curl. If you have stubborn lashes that won't curl then heat the curler up slightly with a hairdryer and that will help the curling process. Then follow with a few lashes of mascara. You can apply as many layers as you want just avoid looking like you have spider eyes.

I have used fakes lashes for years on shoots, shows and weddings and there are so many pros and cons to wearing them. You might only have the final look in mind but what if they fall off, lift at the corners, look crusty. NOT a good look at all, at any occasion.

There are so many different brands, lengths, thicknesses, shapes, colours and textures it's mind boggling. Lashes have been trending on catwalks, red carpets, magazines and TV no wonder all you glam girls are falling in love with them.

 Celebrities are the biggest lovers of lashes and use them on every occasion to make their lashes look super sexy... and I'm not surprised. They are applied so professionally and naturally that it makes all of us want to wear fake lashes all the time.

I'm lucky enough to have a friend to applies fake lashes and she is a pro at it. She uses individual lashes and it looks fab and lasts for weeks. That is a perfect way to wear lashes as if/when you eventually lose one you wont notice the difference unlike having a whole strip of lashes sitting on your cheek.

Just to let you know adverts for mascara are nothing to be in envy of as they are all computerised and they are all wearing fake lashes. So don't think that everyone is better off than you. Let's face it no one is lucky enough to be beautiful, a model and have amazingly long thick lashes.

 I mean come on .....we wish!!!!

A lot of fake lashes that are available come with a glue which has a slight PVA texture. It's best to avoid using it as it hasn't got good hold. It's best to buy a black glue which is available from most wholesalers. It has a great hold and also gives you a great eyeliner effect so you can't see the bond between the lashes and lash line. So no flicky up edges. What more can you ask for!!!
A lot of celebrities have also launched their own line of eyelashes such as Girls Aloud and Katie Price. I haven't tried Katie Price's but i have tried Kimberley's from Girls Aloud and they looked great.

So just remember these key points....
  • Use a black glue
  • Less is more (use a natural set of lashes that compliment your eyes.
  • Cut the 'outter end' of the eyelashes if they are too long.
  • Allow the glue to become 'tacky' before applying, not too wet.
  • Be careful when removing the lashes from the packaging to avoid bending.
Happly GLAM-ing!!!!!

Saturday, 13 August 2011



I use Estee Lauder Foundations.......They're AMAZING!!!

There are lots of great concealers out there...*MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE A COLOUR 1-2 SHADES LIGHTER THEN YOUR SKIN TONE*

Estee Lauder Disappear Concealer has a fabulous consistancy. Disguises blemishes beautifully and lasts all day.
*All available at


Now you might think that I am a devoted user of Estee Lauder products......I AM.
I  worked for them many years ago and for the past 10 years i still use their bases for all my different events.
I have a large range of foundations and concealers in my kit but my trusty EL's never let me down.

I NEVER photoshop my work and everyone always compliments the finished look......especially the photographers. They love a look that photographs well.

 If you have trouble picking a shade of foundation, the simplest thing to do is to pop into a make-up counter. they will match a foundation to your skin tone.
The key to a good foundation is to select the king of coverage you want first then the colour. Put a few lines, shades similar to your skin tone on your lower cheek/jawline.Allow it to settle for a few seconds and the one closest to your skin tone will be a perfect match.

IF YOU WANT TO LOOK MORE BRONZED: Pick the foundation to match your skin tone then make yourself look more tanned with a bronzer.......NEVER pick a darker foundation. It will give you tide lines and look patchy and streaky.

Make sure you start with a clean moisturised base. You can use a primer, this will even out your base and give it even more longevity.

Firstly apply you foundation. The best way to do this is with your ideal tool. I prefer a foundation brush as it evens out the foundation. Makes it look super flawless and because its applied at neutral temperature it won't go patchy. You may also choose to use a sponge. I dont recommend your fingers as the warmth and pressure of your fingers can make your skin think it's a moisturiser and absorb it instead of allowing it to sit ont the surface. When the foundation absorbs too much into the skin it can cause blemishes and blackheads....BAD TIMES!

Once your foundation is evely applied, it's time for concealer. The reason concealer is applied afterwards is eacuase you will realise that you will need a msall amount. If you pile it on all before and then your base it will look very heavy.

Use your concealer brush and apply it lightly onto blemishes, fine lines, dark circles, scars and anything else you want to hide. DON'T FORGET YOUR CONCEALER SHOULD BE LIGHTER THAN YOUR BASE AND SKIN TONE. This will blend in beautifully with you base

Make sure to blend you concealer all the way up to you lash line to evenly brighten up those sparklers.

Now this might sound silly but once you have done this bit step away from the mirror and have a look from a distance and in different lights. We all know it better to apply your make-up in natural daylight but sometimes stepping back allows you to notice things that you couldn't see up close. It's very hard to amend anything once you base has been set, so it's easier to fix any flaws now.

Right, you ready??? Skin looking good??? Fab!

Time for powder.....

Dab your brush into your powder and tap away the excess, lightly dust all over your face to set your foundation and concealer.

Remove any excess, step back and admire your fabulous flawless skin.........

I will follow with another blog all about bronzers to guide you through the do's and don'ts!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Poolside Plaits

Plaits are a great way to feel cool and sexy. they great thing about plaits is that are they are so easy to do.

From french, inverted, spiral or fishtail. its a look that is quickly sweeping across the industry and flowing thorugh to the glamourous girls on the street.

From the catwalk and magazines, they shows people how to clone sexy plaits.

You might think that plaits can only be achieved with long hair..........WRONG!!!!!
I have made some great hairstyles with plaits on short hair.
They key to plaits is practice. The looser the better. Lets face one wants to look like a 10 year old bridesmaid. Once you plait is done and secured, loosen it up, pull out some strands. Trust me, your glam plait will aready look like you've come out of a magazine.

Celebrities haave quickly clocked onto this trend from daytime to evening and awards ceremonies. Adapting it into styles that compliment their look and lifestyle.

Fresh faced with a subtle plait

To glamourous, elegant and very eye-catching.

Creating a look with plaits or braids at the pool or beach is a great alternative to scraping into a ponytail or leaving it loose. Don't get me wrong I think it's good to be adventourous with your hair as much as your bikinis and sometimes a great hairstyle is as important as a great accessory.

Spray you hair with a UV spray that will stop your hair from drying out. Don't count your pennies when buying a good UV spray, forking out a little bit more will benefit your hair. Some UV have the added bonus of protecting your hair from chlorine and sea salt. Make sure you coat your hair enough that it won't feel dry and it also means that you won't need to reapply everytime you get out of the water.
Then you can try some simple, crazy, sexy and glam styles to grab attention from every angle.

Unfortunately I haven't got a visual to show you how to make each individual plait. If you want to know I can send you the links or they are available on 'youtube'.

Happy Plaiting
*Glam Machine*

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hi Everyone!!!!

I can't believe that up to this moment I was a virgin blogger. Before I enter you into the fabulous world of Glamour and Beauty i want to tell a bit a bout my "Glam" life.

My mum says she swears i was born with mascara on. I don't doubt that one bit. I have always had a love of make-up from a young age and love the fact that my job allows me to make-up everyone else feel and look smoking HOT!!!

This what i call my *Family Glam Machine*

Between us we love everything about Glamour, Make-up and Fashion. We"re all cousins and always talk about what we know in the industry.

My gorgeous cousin Assuntina is the beautician and is a cosmetic-aholic. I dont need to finish recommending something and she has already ordered it. *** My sister is a "Fashion Guru"... She knows and loves everything fashion related. Click onto the *Coco's Fashion Club* link for more info. You can imagine the conversations we have. Its amazing.

Now that i have introduced you to my world.!!!! Lets get GLAM-ing!!