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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hi Everyone!!!!

I can't believe that up to this moment I was a virgin blogger. Before I enter you into the fabulous world of Glamour and Beauty i want to tell a bit a bout my "Glam" life.

My mum says she swears i was born with mascara on. I don't doubt that one bit. I have always had a love of make-up from a young age and love the fact that my job allows me to make-up everyone else feel and look smoking HOT!!!

This what i call my *Family Glam Machine*

Between us we love everything about Glamour, Make-up and Fashion. We"re all cousins and always talk about what we know in the industry.

My gorgeous cousin Assuntina is the beautician and is a cosmetic-aholic. I dont need to finish recommending something and she has already ordered it. *** My sister is a "Fashion Guru"... She knows and loves everything fashion related. Click onto the *Coco's Fashion Club* link for more info. You can imagine the conversations we have. Its amazing.

Now that i have introduced you to my world.!!!! Lets get GLAM-ing!!

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