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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Be Bold and Bring Back the Bun!

The ballerina has always been well known for her pointy toes, her elegant poise, her captivating dancing and the bun.

The bun has changed so much over the years that it is very hard to categorize it in any way. It can alternate from small and sleek to huge and messy. With little added extras from curls, twists, plaits and not forgetting positioning on the head.

For many years now the bun has been worn by the dainty flower girls to the rock chicks with added edge.

Don't worry if you think you don't have enough hair for a particular look. There is always the aid of hairpieces, clip on buns and hair rings which all help in creating or adding depth and size to a bun.

A bun is also good for changing your body shape, odd you might think but it's true. If you are petite and want a bit of extra height a high bun on top of the head adds inches. Also if you have a round face and want to make it look slightly slimmer a hair-do with height elongates the face.  If you have a slender face a side bun will add width balancing out your proportions.

A bun is very easy to achieve and is good for every occasion. It's a fab style to wear during the day to get your hair out of your face, a good alternate to a ponytail or plait. And can be made extra special for the evening. Make it as big as you like, add accessories and have fun achieving a red carpet show stopper.

From the low...

To the mid...

To the high...

To the side...

Not forgetting the brides...

Add your own style with curls, plaits or twists...

As you can see from these pictures. The celebs love a bun. It's so elegant and timeless. Once you have started to love a bun, mix it up! Try them high and low add curls and plaits. It will stop you style from being boring and give you the edge over others.

All you need to achieve some of these fab styles is some rubber bands, a back combing brush/comb, hair pins, hairspray and if needed a bun ring.

Have fun ladies and don't forget..........Be Bold, Be Brave and Bring Back the Bun!

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