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Friday, 11 November 2011

The Jewel in your Eye!

If you're anything like me and like to experiment with new things. The new autumn/winter trend is definitely going to grab your attention. It's 'The Jewel Tone' collection. Rich, velvety tones full of body and colour. From magazine and catwalk to red carpets and TV. These jewel inspired colours are everywhere. Starting with gowns, coats and beautiful outfits and finishing off with shoes, gloves, scarfs, jewellery and not forgetting makeup.

As you can see they can be adapted in any way and look absolutely stunning. Incorporating these gorgeous tones with luxurious fabrics means everything can be mixed and matched from top toe toe to make one hell of a statement.

Jewel tone makeup has always been around but sometimes can be put aside or forgotten about at the risk of looking too glam or over done. I think by adding key pieces and making it 'your style' you can get the best makeup looks.

Some Jewel Tones

How sexy are these colours.

These eyes really do twinkle!

Take some inspiration from these looks and gleam like the precious stone you've always wanted to be!

As you can see so many different looks can be achieved. Just take a chance and see if you like any. Use single tones or mix them together to compliment an occasion or outfit. I picked these looks because I think they are completely wearable and create a great impact. So don;t be afraid to copy some of these sultry looks.
Party  season is coming soon and it is the perfect opportunity to show people the sparkle in your eyes with the jewel tones.

If you feel the makeup is too strong for you. There are many jewel tone nail polishes with amazing finishes. I have a huge collection myself and love the richness of the colours. 

Go on treat yourself!!

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