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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Vamp It Up!

Everywhere I look I see all these amazing images of what I call "Vamp Glamour". Edgy, sexy dark looks which are a huge craze. Now you might be thinking "Gothic Rock" but don't. It's popular with nails, lips, eyes and making its way over to hair with women picking rich dark sultry colours to add the extra edge to their locks.

Vamp Magazines

Vamp Celebs

Chanel started a craze many moons ago with Rouge Noir (one of my all time favourite colours) and many other brands caught onto it knowing it was a winner.

The catwalks, magazines and red carpets are full of women who dare to vamp it up and show their dark side. Whether its lips, eyes, nails or all three it makes a bold statement and will continue to rock the world of Glamour for many years to come.

An all time classic is nails. Weather its red, black, purple, blue or green. The dark shades are very popular and if your nails are slightly shorter it makes more of an impact. Vamp nails can glam up any look and take your look from daytime to evening, soft to edgy and can set of any outfit. Make sure when applying a dark nail polish to apply 2 coats. If your going to do vamp, do it properly.

Two nail ranges in particular that have a great range of Vamp colours are O.P.I and Jessica. With a lovely glossy finish and a wide range of colours they are bound to fly off the shelves.

As a makeup artist it took me a long time to perfect dark makeup. You have to practise to get all your lines precise or it can look very messy and untidy. Don't worry it is very achievable and will look amazing when done correctly. I would recommend that you wear the Vamp Look only in the evening or special occasion as it can look too dramatic for a daytime look. If you feel uncomfortable mix it up a little. Wear dark eyes with neutral lips or dark lips with neutral eyes until you find the balance that you comfortable with. Dark eyes can be messy, you don't want to look like you have been bunched in the face but don't be scared.

Keep it smokey, keep it bold, keep it sultry!!!!!!!

As you can see the look can be done many ways and looks stunning. And for those of you wondering you don't have to be dark haired or dark complection to pull it off. Some blondes strut their vampy side with confidence and style.

Get practising, have fun and don't forget everyone has a dark side!!!

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