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Saturday, 13 August 2011



I use Estee Lauder Foundations.......They're AMAZING!!!

There are lots of great concealers out there...*MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE A COLOUR 1-2 SHADES LIGHTER THEN YOUR SKIN TONE*

Estee Lauder Disappear Concealer has a fabulous consistancy. Disguises blemishes beautifully and lasts all day.
*All available at


Now you might think that I am a devoted user of Estee Lauder products......I AM.
I  worked for them many years ago and for the past 10 years i still use their bases for all my different events.
I have a large range of foundations and concealers in my kit but my trusty EL's never let me down.

I NEVER photoshop my work and everyone always compliments the finished look......especially the photographers. They love a look that photographs well.

 If you have trouble picking a shade of foundation, the simplest thing to do is to pop into a make-up counter. they will match a foundation to your skin tone.
The key to a good foundation is to select the king of coverage you want first then the colour. Put a few lines, shades similar to your skin tone on your lower cheek/jawline.Allow it to settle for a few seconds and the one closest to your skin tone will be a perfect match.

IF YOU WANT TO LOOK MORE BRONZED: Pick the foundation to match your skin tone then make yourself look more tanned with a bronzer.......NEVER pick a darker foundation. It will give you tide lines and look patchy and streaky.

Make sure you start with a clean moisturised base. You can use a primer, this will even out your base and give it even more longevity.

Firstly apply you foundation. The best way to do this is with your ideal tool. I prefer a foundation brush as it evens out the foundation. Makes it look super flawless and because its applied at neutral temperature it won't go patchy. You may also choose to use a sponge. I dont recommend your fingers as the warmth and pressure of your fingers can make your skin think it's a moisturiser and absorb it instead of allowing it to sit ont the surface. When the foundation absorbs too much into the skin it can cause blemishes and blackheads....BAD TIMES!

Once your foundation is evely applied, it's time for concealer. The reason concealer is applied afterwards is eacuase you will realise that you will need a msall amount. If you pile it on all before and then your base it will look very heavy.

Use your concealer brush and apply it lightly onto blemishes, fine lines, dark circles, scars and anything else you want to hide. DON'T FORGET YOUR CONCEALER SHOULD BE LIGHTER THAN YOUR BASE AND SKIN TONE. This will blend in beautifully with you base

Make sure to blend you concealer all the way up to you lash line to evenly brighten up those sparklers.

Now this might sound silly but once you have done this bit step away from the mirror and have a look from a distance and in different lights. We all know it better to apply your make-up in natural daylight but sometimes stepping back allows you to notice things that you couldn't see up close. It's very hard to amend anything once you base has been set, so it's easier to fix any flaws now.

Right, you ready??? Skin looking good??? Fab!

Time for powder.....

Dab your brush into your powder and tap away the excess, lightly dust all over your face to set your foundation and concealer.

Remove any excess, step back and admire your fabulous flawless skin.........

I will follow with another blog all about bronzers to guide you through the do's and don'ts!

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