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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My Glam Review!!! - Instant Tan

I have being doing spray tans for over 8 years and have worked with many brands such as Fake Bake, St,Tropez, Su-Do and many more so I thought it would be great to do a review on some instant tanning products. Fake tan is so great and so annoying at the same time. Great results, great for contouring and sculpting and perfect for special occasions or nights out but can give patchy results after, funny odours and messy bed sheets...hehe!

Instant fake tans are amazing, I use them alot on shoots and for filming. They give a great result instantly and can be washed off at the end of the night.
I always have a variety on instant tans as they can give different results. Tan is something that is liked by men and women all over the world. It's used in professional dance, catwalk and many more professions. Not forgetting the girls of all ages who want a great tan 365 days of the year. So it is a very big market.

I am going to review 2 instant fake tans for you and give you my honest professional opinion.

Sexsymbol - Aerotan, Instant Tanning Spray - Varies in price from £14.00
I have used tons of this product. It has a lovely coconut scent, a lovely glow and gives a great finish.
Being honest it is a very messy product. I recommend spraying this product outside as it gets absolutely everywhere. It stains sheets, carpets, towels, floors, walls and furniture. It has a powerful spray jet and is easy to use.
Spray about 30cms or more away from the body for best result. This will give you a more even finish without need to rub in the product. If you spray too close you will get a blob on your skin, not a problem. Just gently blend with your fingers. Not a mitt as it will remove the tan. It has a lovely glittery (not tacky) finish and only can be removed with warm soapy water but is great if its raining outside as it won't smear. If you are wearing white be very careful as it can be slightly visible on light clothing.
This tan is amazing on legs, it gives that toned, tanned, slender look without a greasy or oily feel.

Overall : Great for a great sheen looking tan but a bit messy
3/5 - *****

Fake Bake - Faux Glo Instant Spray Wash-off - £12.50
This is my new favourite instant tan. It has a soft scent, doesn't smell like a typical tanning product. The result is more like a matt glow than a sheen and is so easy to use.
I didn't need to go outside to spray this one as it doesn't leave a mist or stain everything around you. You will need a mitt to use this product as the tan needs to be blended in but amazingly you will get your desired results in under 5 minutes and you don't need to be a pro!
It is easier, as with any tan to do one body part at a time so you can blend the tan in. Just spray and blend, sooooo easy! You can apply in layers or all in one go, up to you.
I get so many compliments with this products and my clients love it and the results it gives.
To remove the tan just wash it off with hot soapy water and like the aerotan will not smear on clothes or in awkward weather conditions.

Overall : Great colour, easy to use, amazing finish
5/5 - *****

Happy Tanning!!!

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